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Finding your ideal client with ease

Your business is an ideal for someone out there. Here is how to find your ideal customer and their friends.

Why Your Online Adverts Are Not Delivering On Your Objective

Ever run online adverts and wondered why they didn't deliver on your objective? 
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Today's video tells you why potential customers scroll past your ads even though you have products and services that they want. 

The No. 1 MUST HAVE Business Skill

Whether you own the business or you work in a business, you need to develop this must have skill by whatever means necessary. I didn't think it was as important for me when I started my business but I explain why it's critical in the video and how you can develop it. What is this skill? Watch the short video to find out. 

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How To Prevent Your BUSINESS From Becoming A NIGHTMARE

If you have existing customers (means someone needs what you're selling a.k.a proof of concept) use this:
- to scale your business 
- before borrowing money for your business 
- before you put together another investor pitch deck 

If You Own A Business, Watch This Before You Delegate 😳
Have you ever delegated a task then wondered why it was not done the way you wanted it to be? Or the results were not half what you expected? If you’ve done this and are planning to delegate again in the future, watch this first. 

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How Your Friends Are Making You Fat

Interesting fact I could not have made up. Hope it surprises you as much as it surprised me. Especially the men part 🙊 


Do you know what moments make a person the happiest? If you’ve read #Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi you know the answer but if you haven’t, find out how you can make yourself happy (it’s a surprisingly simple trick) and is especially useful at work. 

Who Should You Put 1st 🎖: Your Customers or Employees?

Should you put your customers before employees in order or importance or your employees before your customers? 

Here are my thoughts and I look forward to hearing yours. 

Why We Should Celebrate Problems

Just finished reading Phil Knight's memoir Shoe Dog and it made me realise we do not give our problems the credit they deserve. Some of the juiciest parts of the book were when Phil was dealing with a major problem and how he dealt with it. 

If you'll be celebrating the problem after you overcome it why wait until the aftermath? 

To Grow A Company Long-Term Improve Your Existing-Customers Experience

To grow a business long-term, give priority to improving the experience for your existing-customers. 

During a fireside chat with Brian Chesky (Airbnb co-founder), he told us that a turning point for him was when he shifted from trying to acquire new customers and become the next big thing to improving the experience for existing customers. 

Here's more on this....

Attacking The Fear Of Filming Videos

Two things to help you when making videos for your business or personal brand (plus how to get over the fear of doing them). After filming more than 100 videos for my business, I'm sharing what I wish someone had told me when I started. 

Thinking Of NEW Ways To MASSIVELY Improve Your Business? Use This Design Thinking Trick

If you're like me and thinking of ways to massively improve your business or pivot during this 'new normal', here's how to generate plenty of ideas then narrow down to the best of the bunch. I learnt this when studying design thinking and it works like a charm! The mind is elastic and once you know how to stretch it, you begin to expand your capacity. 

Does your business idea have staying power? 💪🏾 

Maybe you're thinking of diversifying your business. Or starting a new one altogether that will work with the new business environment post-COVID-19. Let's make sure the direction you take will not have you chasing your tail, only to return to where you started from...

To your success!

👉🏾 Prepare For A New Business Future After COVID-19

“Problems are not stop signs; they are guidelines.”– Robert Schuller.

Here’s how to begin planning for a business future that will never be the same again. 
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